Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Charting Faith & Politics

Based on conversations with friends and activists alike, I’ve tried to classify the Christian response to politics into three dimensions. Whilst this may be over-simplifying, it could be said that the Christians in Malaysia have:

  • spent the first few decades of its existence in ‘Model A’ (understandable, given its relative infancy and the struggle to grow)
  • only in recent years grown to appreciate and embody ‘Model B’ (especially the Web 2.0 generation being empowered by real-time social networking, coupled with stark exposés of the murky side of Malaysian politics)
  • almost no familiarity with ‘Model C’ (except through history books?)

The following chart is thus presented in the hope that Christians will understand each other more, seek to appreciate the good in the other perspective and in so doing ‘sharpen’ one another (as iron and iron does).



U-Liang said...

I can imagine a Venn diagram with the three intersecting circles: Model A, Model B and Model C.

Alwyn said...

that diagram would be wonderful indeed.