Friday, May 15, 2009

Nizar's Open Letter to Zambry

Dear Zam,

How are you? Are you enjoying our latest round of political dancing? I confess I'm not.

Something's been burdening me lately. We've been at each other's throats for almost a quarter of a year now (and last week was absolute stress-release, wasn't it?). Our parties aren't giving in at all - yours in the name of the Sultan's word, mine in the name of the State laws. It all makes very interesting news reporting, loads of blogs and Web chats are fueled and the conversations are very vibrant - and in some strange way I think this debacle is contributing to the growth of cyber-cognizance in the country! - but, Zam, something is wrong.

I don't know about you, I find that through all this fighting the Perak-ian people are suffering. Of course both are our parties have been SAYING this but our continued partisan battles suggest we may not entirely BELIEVE what we say.

Certainly, our two parties are blaming each other for the situation but - and I'm not sure why this idea didn't arise earlier - is it possible that we get together to work out at least 2-3 major 'partisan-independent' policies for the rakyat whilst we wait for the Courts to decide our case?

(Immediately one of my aids said this was impossible if the political structure hasn't been confirmed; my response was that if we can be so imaginative in our conflicts, should our imaginations fail us in our benevolence?)

Also, I believed you compared yourself to Gandhi and Mandela. Though I may have my slight reservations, I'd like to hold you to that claim and ask that we embrace the courageous will of these two leaders in reaching out to those who opposed them.

What I'm saying is: Why are we channeling all our resources against each other instead of cooperating with each other, at least a bit? Can't we love our State enough to put our grievances and differences aside, at least for a week so something can be implemented? And surely it would be a great day for Malaysia when our two parties can pause in our battles so the most needful can be blessed?

Please understand: I am NOT saying that I've received an epiphany and now completely absolve the BN of what I perceive to be the party's gross injustices. Let's be very honest that both our parties have quite a few closeted skeletons and we've got lots of growing up to do.

And yet in my heart of hearts, I'm starting to feel that
I can choose to be preoccupied with something a little bit more helpful e.g. working with a rival for the sake of the people, 'giving up' my rights so at least one or two key projects can be agreed upon and the work of building the state can continue.

I supposed it has dawned upon me that fighting for what I believe to be right can easily become an excuse to fight for the sake of winning. In the end, the losers are the people. And so I choose their welfare, even if this welfare is delivered by a rival political party. 

I have told my public relations guys to ensure this gets out to the entire party and all the major newspapers; I will even speak to Lim, KS and Mr. A about this. Honestly, it's been too long. I want the people to be happy and to be supported in the work of building their lives. So - whilst we still have our serious differences - I am extending this branch for us to work (at least temporarily) to get something helpful off the ground.

I thank you for considering this and I wish you the very best.

Your fellow Anak Bangsa Malaysia,

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