Tuesday, May 26, 2009


A post I penned more than a year ago...maybe I'm getting a little excited going back down under...

Australians hardly rush to get out of a bus or plane. They queue very respectfully.

Australian seminar lunches almost never risk running out of the good stuff, even though it's 5 minutes before lunch hour is over. Contra in Kuala Lumpur, where you'd better rush the heck out of the conference room lest the pricey prawns and costly chicken are good and gone.

Australians who disagree with you will say to you point-blank that they do, regardless of 'rank'. Peer pressure (presumably) is against those who can't voice a contrary opinion. In Malaysia, if your elders tell you the world rests on a turtle you're more or less expected to nod your head - reverently.

Australians love the sunshine. In Kuala Lumpur, we worship the air-con.

Australians - true (although semantically contradictory) to their national parlance, "NOW WORRIES, MATE!" - frown less and have brighter and more frequent smiles. Unlike almost the whole of Asia, where the average dude can't seem to take his mind off when the next meal or paycheck's gonna come. 

Australians generally dress on a more casual level than other Westerners. Even in a conference, shorts and slippers (albeit very pretty ones) aren't unusual. Kinda like formal beach wear?

Australians, at the start and closing of every key event, formally acknowledge and thank their indigenous people for the use of the land. Sounds almost spiritual. In Malaysia, things are slightly different.

Australians who eat out do so early i.e. before 9pm. Because if not they won't get to eat, unless they love Chinese food. Malaysians eat all day and night. Now worries.

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