Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Vicious Cycle of Malaysian Politics, Pt.2

Ruckus and chaos reigned at the Perak State Assembly. I'm sure we'll be reading and seeing more of it.

Whilst my emotions are somewhat arrested by the fact that the newborn son of some good friends is battling high fever at Pantai Hospital as I write, I can't deny a sense of sorrow as I read Facebook conversations, the Malaysiakini reports, the mainstream media and so on.

So there we had it all again:
  1. BN flexes muscles

  2. Opposition protests, shouts patriotic slogans, expresses 'surprise' and 'shock' at injustice being done, etc.

  3. Police arrests protesters, more BN muscle flexed

  4. Pro-opposition folks decry arrests and expresses 'omigosh' at how bad things are

  5. Police arrests more folks and (even) some prominent Opposition members

  6. Pro-opposition folks shout louder, exalt any Opp member who challenges the authorities, ridicule authorities, protest more at injustice

  7. Mainstream media highlights points in favour of BN, every other kind of media expresses shame and anger at the government; both parties blame/condemn/ridicule each other

  8. Ad the cycle goes on and on (for the world to see, even)

Does anyone else notice the cycle? Do Malaysians want it to stop? Assuming we do NOT wish it to continue, do we truly want alternatives? (I think it's necessary to ASK if alternatives are sincerely sought after, because I have a strong suspicion this isn't the case...)

Or are we content to continue doing things the way they've always been done, simply because we can't "let the bad guys get away with their crimes"?

For the past quarter of a year, the state of Perak has been paralysed because two parties have refused to either admit any wrong-doing or cooperate on a peaceful solution, both claiming the legal high-ground, both hurling accusations at each other.

So much energy, passion and resources. Devoted to continuing the cycle. For that, I'm ashamed.

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