Monday, June 29, 2009

Miracles 2.0

There are miracles. And there are miracles.

In the first category: feeding thousands of hungry stomachs with barely enough for a family of three, moon-walking on water in the middle of a storm (without a surfboard), raising the dead, Malaysia qualifying for the World Cup (smile), etc.

The second category, whilst far less epistemically vivid (a termed I learn from Glenn Miller, and is intellectual-speak for 'radiating with awesomeness'!) and open to debate, is more frequent and personally contextualised. For example:
  • finding an ATM which dispenses 10-dollar bills (when your account only has something like RM46.82 in it)
  • being assigned overseas so you can spend about 20 precious weeks with a grand-parent who would pass away the following year
  • being fully sponsored for a graduate degree program
  • running out of gas 3 miles from a gas-station, only to have the engine sputter to life long enough for the car to reach the station
  • getting a job ten minutes from your home and three from your child's nursery
  • making friends with a former enemy (i.e. a person you wouldn't have lunch with unless your boss forced you to!)
  • getting a freelance assignment (out of the blue) which brings in a few hundred bucks which holds back the monthly avalance of expenses
  • being able to appreciate new genres of books
  • getting home before the storm hit
  • receiving an encouraging email right after a tense meeting
  • finding a car park in a crowded mall
All the above (and much more) wouldn't count - normally! - as 'divine intervention', but why look only at mega-events? Can't the divine move us in the nano (and/or very 'natural') moments of our lives?

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