Sunday, June 14, 2009

That One Thing

Her singing was way sub-par. She used an accent which made her sound more contrived than contemporary. Her vocal projection was so weak, you weren't absolutely sure she had opened her mouth.

But (the Simon Cowells of Malaysia aside) I'm not sure the audience would've complained that much.

Because however poor her technical delivery was, no matter how the guests snickered, the female singer who performed at the Horn Bill Restaurant many Saturday evenings ago never stopped slow-dancing where she stood, and doing so with a kind of passion you couldn't help but notice.

It's as if she really didn't care that she wasn't all perfect. She needs more training for her voice, definitely. But she could give/show a few tips to many a discouraged professional, the most important being: You gotta find that ONE thing you do absolutely well and - even if the black rain of public roasting falls hard - do it like the world went round because of it.

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