Monday, June 22, 2009

Standing Out

You're looking through the workshop and paper presentation titles. Your eyes fall upon names like:
  • Shared visions and visualisation: Driving forces, individuals and teams
  • Achieving sustained success
  • Rethinking Agrulculture: a paradigm shift
  • Establishing Connections among critical thinking, language proficiency and writing
  • Applications of Edward de Bono's thinking methods in Malaysia

Yada yada yada. Titles like these constitute almost 80% of the agenda. What a breath of fresh air then to see headings like:

  • 100 Kids, 100 Clouds, 100 Days
  • Educating for the Unknown
  • Tribethink vs. Worldthink
  • Marks, Scribble and Draw
  • Making Visible the Invisible

As in life, so in conferences - titles that stand out win.

(My own presentation titles for the 14th ICOT are at best above average: "The 6 Thinking Hats" and "Emergent Education: Exploring the 'Already' and 'Not Yet' of Learning").

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