Sunday, June 14, 2009


First, websites grabbed a huge chunk out of the marketing and PR budget. Instead of posters and brochures, companies suddenly had to pay attention to hyper-links and word-of-mouth.

Then blogs put websites on the defensive. Today corporate websites neglect the conversational component to its own detriment. 

Of late, social networking media like Facebook, Myspace and Twitter are taking the fight to blogs (with Google Wave 'threatening' to consolidate the micro-blogging phenomenon in one swooping tide).

What's next? Neuro-twittering? Micro-blogging plugged in neurologically? Connection at the speed (and intimacy) of thought? I not only know/understand/feel where you are, what you're doing, but even what emotions you're having? Real-time, 24/7?

Talking about a 'sharing minds', eh?

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