Saturday, June 20, 2009

Reporting / Reflecting on Forums

I've written more than my fair share of reflections on forums or seminars. And I've read plenty, too. I could be wrong, but the most common 'categories' of reporting are:
  1. Summarising 'what happened'
  2. Summarising the views of the speakers
  3. Outlining how we felt
Nothing wrong with the above except the articles sometimes get a little repetitive and key points don't usually jump out.

The time is ripe for a fresh template with categories people may find more interesting:
  • Top 4 issues raised/discussed
  • Top3 most controversial moment
  • Most humourous speaker
  • Least convincing speaker (if our Asian sentiments could allow this)
  • Most creative suggestion / idea
  • Top 4 action-steps (plus the most practical)
  • Key theological points (or Biblical passages) raised
  • Celebrities (or politicians or 'famous people') mentioned
  • Links to relevant sites
  • Any more?

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