Sunday, June 14, 2009

What Every Installation Contractor Needs to Value-Add

Cleaning services. Especially if the installation involves drilling.

Yesterday my place looked like four and a half bowls of white sand had been thrown all over it. Had to spend almost an hour mopping, wiping, vacuuming and even grabbing the debris with my bare hands.

Sure we're glad there was a new machine in place but the clean-up was 'pricey'. And my poor books are seriously dusted even now.

Virtually all machine purchase bills come with installation costs - almost none come with damage-to-the-premises services. I don't, of course, expect the vendor to remove the installation fee but surely they can help with the clean-up? (Most of these guys lug semi-tons of equipment wherever they go - what's an extra industrial-quality vacuum, some anti-dust liquid and a brush or two, eh?)

Especially when there's MASSIVE garbage all over, any contractor that smiling offers to clean-up his own professional mess for free is definitely got a referral.

As things stand, all they'll get a blog-complaint.

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